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Top 5 Timeless Trends

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We are well into the new year and what’s more exciting than knowing what fashion trends to keep up with. While fashion comes and goes, most of it what we like are recurring pieces that we can’t seem to let go of. Let’s take a look at some timeless trends that we will most likely see again in 2021!

Top 5 Timeless Trends

 1. Square-Toed Heels: This trend was in style during the 1930s and known for its subtle and elegant look. The flared heel design was purposely made for added support and stability when walking or dancing. Square-toed heels come in a variety of styles including a strappy or quilted look.

Photo Credit: Ego Shoes


 2. Tiny Handbags: These cute little handbags made a way for themselves in 2020 & definitely were the staple piece in everyone’s OOTD. I like to call them “Barbie purses” because of how miniature & discrete they look. Its modern and sophisticated style is the perfect way to pull a look together and they allow you to stand out.

Photo Credit: Glamour


3. Cashmere Two-Piece Set: One fall fashion trend that you can’t go wrong with are these cashmere two-piece sets paired with a cardigan. These cozy and cute pieces were a go-to during the fall and winter season. This set is versatile enough to lounge around in or to dress it up for a daytime look.

Photo Credit: Victoria Bellafiore

4. Biker Shorts: We all know biker shorts are nothing new to fashion, it’s a classic piece that originated from the ’80s & the ’90s. They were known as “cycling shorts” during the earlier times and a big deal in the media. Biker shorts are usually paired with an oversized graphic tee or hoodie for a comfortable, athleisure look.

Photo Credit: Recollections of Play


5. Combat Boots: We all love a nice thigh-high or knee-high boot, but combat boots with strapped pouches on the side are the newest addition that you may want to consider adding to your shoe collection. These boots are very edgy and fierce, the sleek leather makes them dressy, yet casual enough to wear with boyfriend jeans & a tee for a comfy look.

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