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Then & Now: 90’s Fashion & Media

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We have all heard the saying “history repeats itself” and that is certainly true for fashion. I’m sure we all have seen a repeated fashion trend that was popular decades ago and is brought back into style in today’s fashion world. Personally, being a college student, I have seen a variety of styles that were old-fashioned and reinvented. From colorful 90’s clothing, plaid prints to mom jeans, so many students have taken this style and made it their own.

It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it

90’s Fashion Trends & Media  

During the 90’s, mixing and matching colors and prints were everything when it came to the clothes people wore. Plaid never really went out of style-we have so many pieces from flannel shirts, skirts, and even socks that are still worn today. This print has such a vintage aesthetic that adds flavor to a look and has been established for so long and styled in so many ways. One of my favorite ways of styling a plaid flannel is tying it around my waist during the spring or fall time to accessorize my look. Another trend that I have seen is the infamous “mom jeans’ which were very popular for all women during the 90’s. These style of jeans were not only for mom’s but everyone has rocked them in some way and have been seen in music videos to movies and tv shows, such as The Fresh Prince of BelAir, Martin, Poetic Justice, and even singers like Aaliyah & Janet Jackson made every 90’s baby want a pair of these stylish jeans.

Television shows such as “The Fresh Prince of BelAir” had a huge impact on the fashion trends in the early 90’s
Cardi B “Drippin In Finesse” with this playful 90’s look

By watching television sitcoms and music videos from the 90’s and compare it to the music videos, and even the people around us today, you will notice how much fashion has evolved without necessarily changing completely.  As the fashion industry grows, we only find ways to take outdated fashion trends and reinvent them to create a more dated and modern look and discover new ways to style them.

Modern Fashion & Vintage Colors

Not only has fashion trends repeated themselves, but so has the color palette of the 90’s. You mainly saw clothes that included red, blue, yellow and green and you can still find clothing today that incorporates the same colors. For example, Tommy Hilfiger’s newest Fall 18′ Collection, which features P. Diddy’s son, Christian Combs, includes clothing items such as coats, knit sweaters, sweatshirts, and even windbreaker jackets. His collection gives off the perfect 90’s vibes and pairing these colors together have become an unforgettable trend.

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 18′ Collection -Photo Credit: Sean Thomas


Tommy Hilfiger Fall 18′ Collection – Photo Credit: Sean Thomas


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