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Stay Cool And Stylish With These Trendy Shades

Ashley Poteat
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Summer is amongst us, these trendy shades will get you right by keeping you cool & stylish in the sun. Accessorize any look by adding these fashion shades to your collection this summer. Take a look at the top 5 shades that will never go out of style:

  1. Cat Eye: Stand out this summer with cat-eye shades, very fashionable, and a forever statement piece. Also, these shades come in many different styles, get them blinged out or in a classic & chic style.
    Cat Eye Shades Photo Credit: Raelia Lewis


  2. Ovalique: These shades are the most popular and perfect for making any look pop without doing too much. The tiny frame is super cute & gives off a sleek look while adding a retro vibe to your wardrobe. The ovalique shades are definitely a trendy throwback from the early ’90s & have been seen in many different tv shows as well.
    Ovalique Shades Photo Credit: Nroda


  3. Mask Shades: Go Hollywood or sporty all summer with these huge frames that pair well with an athletic sporty outfit or an upscale look. You will definitely stand out and grab everyone’s attention with these mask shades.
    Photo Credit: Pinterest


  4. Flat Top: Go makeup-less this summer and allow these shades to make a statement for you. These big frames add a dramatic, Hollywood look and are perfect for those days when you want to go bare-faced.
    Photo Credit: Poshmark


  5. Sunglass Chains: This pair of shades are one of the most fashionable ones and super cute. Never worry about leaving your shades behind as the chain makes it super convenient to always keeps the shades on you as you go.

    Photo Credit: Alibaba

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