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Top 3 Bold Lips to Wear this Winter Season

Ashley Poteat
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The winter season is approaching fast and while layering your wardrobe is important… you know what else is important, too? The lip color you choose.  It will surely compliment your look and give you that pop of color you are looking for! My top three bold lips that made the list this winter are classic red, deep ultramarine blue, and french nude. These lip color will definitely leave you feeling bold this winter.

While most colors are toned down, we decided to spruce it up with lip colors that will be an eye-catcher. Celebrities like Rihanna has been sporting these colors around already with her Fenty Beauty cosmetic line of lip colors that launched September 2017.

  1. Classic Red: You’re bound to make a statement when you throw on a red lip, no matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going. Red has always been that go to color to make you feel fierce, strong, and desirable. I would pair a red lip with black, beige or soft blue attire, these colors definitely compliment one another. Make a classic red lip your go-to color when you are feeling romantic for a date night, vibrant for a night on the town, or determined when you’re in your boss businesswoman mood.

Classic Red -Fenty Beauty
  • Deep Ultramarine Blue: If you like a dark lip like black or a violet, you should definitely try a rich blue lip. When you’re feeling confident or inspired, this color is for you. Blues work well with a dark purple, white and olive greens.  These colors are powerful and definitely will turn some heads when you walk past. Whether it’s a night on the town, a girl’s night to the bar, or just a chill and casual date, this color is all you need to make your outfit go from basic to bold in no time.

Deep Ultramarine Blue
  • French Nude: What female doesn’t love a nude lip? This color has taken over the makeup industry and has been very popular lately. You can wear almost anything of any shade with a nude lip or a completely nude face. It’s very classy and simple, yet very definite and demanding. A nude lip is very textured, as well as diverse because there are a variety of shades to choose from. Nude is known to compliment skin complexions as well, not only clothing. I would suggest pairing this color with white, browns, black, a very soft or even a smooth burnt orange.
French Nude Lip
Photo credit:  Mattemoiselle

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