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Natural Protective Hairstyles For the Winter Cold

Ashley Poteat
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Our hair is our crown.  We can style natural hair as many ways as possible.  However, one thing we must know is how to protect our hair from this brutally cold weather by keeping it healthy and hydrated. Just like warm weather, the cold climate can dry out our hair.  Dehydrated hair leads to brittleness and a dry scalp. You must also take into consideration the type of hair products you use during the winter.  For example, I find the best thing you can do to treat your hair during winter is to use deep conditioning and masks for your hair more often throughout the season.  Perhaps most of all, protective hairstyles are key.

My top three hairstyles this season that can help protect your hair are:  faux locs, braids, and flat twists.  These styles have been seen all summer long and are helpful in keeping your natural hair tucked away and secured during the cold.

  1. Faux Locs: Very similar to box braids, faux locs are basically fake dreads, it can be done by twisting or braiding your natural hair and then proceeding to wrap more synthetic hair around your hair until it’s completely covered. It’s a great way to avoid having your natural hair exposed to the cold air because it is completely hidden. Locs have been worn in all different colors, mainly black, blonde, dark red and even grey.  The best thing about faux locs is that you can style it in so many ways, such as wearing it down or in an updo.
    PinkRoseKen, Pinterest

    Faux Locs lovechrissyreddz, Instagram
  2. Braids: There are so many different styles of braids that are great to wear, whether it’s box braids, Alicia Keys braids or feed in braids. Braids are an interlacing of three or more strands of the hair and are perfect to avoid leaving your hair out and allows you to give your natural hair a break from keep having to do it every day. To make this style fun and cute, you can add a pop of color to some of the braids or even add hair jewelry to make your braids more accessorized.

    Feed-In Braids, Rebecca Puttock
  3. Flat Twists: Lastly, a style that I feel that is convenient for natural hair are flat twists.  You don’t have to sit in a salon for hours and you don’t have to add synthetic hair. After a fresh wash and condition, you can twist your hair similar to how you would with cornrows, it’s super easy and timeless. The best part about flat twists is that you have a 2 in 1 style because the next day or two once you take the flat twist out you can wear your hair out with natural curls.
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    Flat Twist lipstickncurls, Instagram

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