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Sisterhood Agenda Hurricane Irma Relief

Sisterhood Agenda

Sisterhood Agenda needs your help with our new Hurricane Irma Relief project. Like many businesses and residents on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, Sisterhood Agenda and our new SEA:  Sisterhood Empowerment Academy were hit hard by Hurricane Irma ealier this month.   Essential services such as government offices, banking, and the post office remain closed and the island is without power and cell service.  Half of the residents on St. John have left the small island.

Our SEA eco-headquarters took a beating when part of the roof was blown away, along with three exterior walls, 4 sets of patio doors and several windows. While our eco suites are intact, Sisterhood Agenda offices are closed as we implement relief stategies for our team and begin fundraising for the rebuilding process.

Our computers, and media center (tv, router, etc.) were destroyed in the storm. Sisterhood Agenda’s library of books had to be discarded due to mold.


Already, there are small yet significant improvements in Wifi access and cell phone service.  Generators and tarps and being used to keep the momentum moving forward.


We are happy to be alive and able to use our minds, bodies, and spirits to continue serving women and girls around the world the best way that we can.

We are beginning the Sisterhood Agenda Hurricane Relief project to bring immedate attention to St. John and the need for the type of unique services that we offer.  On a small island, it is easy to take many conveniences and opportunities for granted. Like so many of us here, our immediate needs include:

Work vehicle
Canned food
Dry food
Wireless router
Satellite cell phone

We are also coordinating a small team of volunteers to come to St. John later this year for rebuilding.  Our rebuilding efforts include:

Roof repair
Solar power systems (portable)
Patio doors, 8 feet
Interior doors

To donate,  click HERE or below.

Contact us to participate.  Thank you for always putting Sisterhood on your Agenda!


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