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Losing weight is a very personal and individual journey. How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever by our Founding President, Angela D. Coleman, is your best guide to help you achieve the results that you are seeking as quickly as possible.  The two excerpts below are about focus, detoxification, and mental health- great starting points for women’s weight loss.

Personal renewal can happen at any time of the year, at any point in your life, when you are ready.  Feel free to contact us if you would assistance with your weight loss journey.

Girls Guide How to Lose Weight Fast and Forever


Your goals may be a certain weight or dress size.  Progress may also be measured in inches lost, changes in food choices, and increases in physical activity.

Don’t feel pressure to lose weight at a certain rate based on how quickly others release weight.  Let’s make sure we include how you FEEL.  You need to focus on YOU.  If you follow the tips outlined in this book, you will be amazed how quickly the weight comes off.

(Excerpt from How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever)


I have found that a detoxification program is a great motivating start to your weight loss journey — as with any health program, consult with your physician first.  Detoxification is a process of eating and drinking specific foods in order to cleanse and detoxify the body of toxins and excess waste.  Toxins come from air pollutants, smoking, pesticides on produce, heavy metals, excess mucus, among other things.

Toxins in the body can also be the cause of a number of diseases, illnesses, and chronic pains that can harm your body over a long period of time without you even realizing it.  Because there are so many ways to detoxify your body, consult your doctor to discuss which regimen is the right detox program for you. Regular detoxification has many health benefits including:  rapid weight loss, clearer skin, and reduced cravings for unhealthy food.

(Excerpt from How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever)

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Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical well-being.  Don’t be afraid to seek mental health professionals who can help you, not just with your weight loss, but with your life. Maintaining your weight is, after all, a lifestyle choice.  A naturopath physician or other holistic practitioner can be your mental, spiritual, and emotional health resource; a great asset to your journey.  They can suggest therapeutic remedies, nutritional supplements, and/or vitamins that might be helpful in your weight loss, health, and fitness journey.

(Excerpt from How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever)

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