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How Women Can Stay In Power

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Being IN POWER is a state of mind.  Women often have a lifetime of struggle to achieve personal and collective power, including a fair amount of girlhood trauma.   Women often ask me, how can I achieve personal power to become more empowered?  Here are 7 ways how women can stay in power:

1. Know that you already have power. 

Accept your power first–all of it. We all have power, even if it is repressed or hidden.  Some of us even have superpowers, unique gifts that vastly surpass the average person.  When you recognize that your power is inherent, you can stop looking for it outside of yourself.  Look within to identify it and you will begin to learn how to bring out its manifestation.  There are so many ways that power expresses itself, so no need to get trapped into defining it very narrowly/

2. Surround yourself with a powerful sisterhood tribe.

Your sisterhood tribe simultaneously protects you, supports you, and makes you stronger.  Your tribe can make you a better woman.  You can choose those who you have a genuine connection with and stop wasting time with users and those who may be secretly envious.

3. Wear items that empower you. 

Clothing, jewelry (especially gemstones), shoes, and accessories such as headwraps and scarves can impact your state of mind and give you courage in your times of need.  Your look is like your armor.  Your clothes are like your superhero costume.  Make conscious efforts to develop a style is unique and special. Your wardrobe should be chosen carefully and purposefully for each day based on your planned activities and desired outcomes.

4. Use all 5 of your senses. 

Most of us do not use all of our senses.  When we do, we increase our physical, mental, and emotional powers.  When we focus on the 5 senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing individually and collectively, we learn so much more about ourselves and our environment.  Our bodies and minds respond strongly to our senses, even if we think that we are focused on something else.  Use aromatherapy to create the mood you want be in.  Yes, like everything else, it is a choice.

 5. Acknowledge and control your fear. 

We all have them.  You may have a fear of what others think about you or a generalized fear of failure.  When you learn to identify what your specific fears are, you can conquer them.  When you want to do something, but find yourself afraid, you can simply ask yourself, what am I afraid of?  When you find the answer to that question, you can begin to find solutions.  For every fear, there are at least 10 positive responses.

6. Be bold and daring as your authentic self. 

When your self-knowledge and self-awareness are at high levels, you can afford to be brave and take more chances.  This is critical to not just maintain but increase your personal power.  When it comes to empowerment, stagnation is the enemy!  You become more powerful by challenging yourself and doing new things that you have never done before.   Have confidence in yourself, but also with the process, knowing that you have the capacity to overcome any challenges that you may face as you evolve.

7. Help other women in sisterhood. 

As a whole, we are not nearly as powerful as we can be.  Some women may need your guidance, mentoring, and sisterly love to become more enlightened.  When they are powerful, we are powerful and helping one woman helps all women.  A group of women in power is significantly more powerful than a few individuals who are scattered and fail to unite.

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